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OpenCT’s COO Mayande Walker to Discuss the Impact of Blockchain in Telecom on iHeartRADIO’s CEO Money Talk Radio Show

Listen to the show on February 7, 2018 at 3:15 PM EST / 12:15 PM PSTListen to the show on February 7, 2018 at 3:15 PM EST / 12:15 PM PST

ZUG, SWITZERLAND – February 7, 2018 – OpenCryptoTrust (OpenCT), a high performance, hybrid blockchain-based platform that enables innovative solutions in telecommunications, announces that its COO, Mayande Walker, will be a guest on today’s episode of iHeartRADIO’s popular CEO Money – America’s Business Show, hosted by Michael Yorba.

Mr. Walker will discuss the framework behind Blockchain technology and how, via OpenCT’s platform, it is well-positioned to make significant impact within the telecommunications industry. Mr. Walker has contributed to numerous successful IT companies, is considered a leader in optical network infrastructure and has built over 14 private networks for some of the largest financial institutions in the world.

“While most people associate Blockchain with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, the reality is that Blockchain is NOT just about asset creation and transfer,” says Mayande Walker, COO of OpenCT. “Already there are Blockchains that are focused on data storage and retrieval and Blockchain 2.0 is all about smart contracts. In our own case OpenCT has modified the Blockchain protocol itself to support data transport. OpenCT is committed to utilizing Blockchain for the specific purpose of delivering telecom services and solving the existing technical and economic challenges that Telco’s face today. I look forward to explaining the strategy behind our OpenCT platform and providing details for how interested investors can get involved.”

Listeners can tune into the show via at 3:00 PM EST / 12:00 PM PST, or locally via Talk Radio 1190 AM in Dallas/Forth Worth, TX. The episode will also be available via podcast on iHeartRADIO on-demand after the initial airing.

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About Open CT

OpenCryptoTrust (OpenCT) is a robust, high performance, hybrid blockchain-based platform that enables innovative solutions in telecommunications. OpenCT will challenge the characterization and standardization of the communication functions within telecommunications and will remove significant costs which impact today’s existing traditional telco model.

The OpenCT platform is based on a hybrid blockchain. It is both global and public, allowing a diverse range of adoption, users, and clients.

For OpenCT media inquiries, please contact:

Jaymie Scotto & Associates (JSA)

OpenCryptoTrust (OpenCT), Blockchain for Telecommunications, Announces Pre-Token Sale, Taking Place on 23 February

ZUG, SWITZERLAND – 22 February, 2018OpenCryptoTrust (OpenCT), a new blockchain company for the global telecommunications sector launches today.

OpenCT is disrupting the telecommunications industry via its twofold go-to-market approach. The company is positioned to be an innovative and transparent telecommunications provider within the blockchain ecosystem. OpenCT is also building a scalable, high-performance platform that provides the stability and reliability from which transformative blockchain-based applications can be designed to solve industry-specific challenges.

The OpenCT platform is based on a hybrid blockchain model, meaning it is both public and private, allowing for a diverse range of adoption, users, and clients. OpenCT’s custom-developed mining algorithm is called Proof of Duration (PoD). When used in combination with Proof of Stake (PoS), it grants miners the benefit of a far faster, more democratic, and energy efficient approach. The OpenCT Token (OCT) fuels the interactions of the telecommunications-specific blockchain. OCT acts as a service enabler which clients of the platform can use to unlock and enjoy any service offered over the platform. Most importantly, with the smart technology being used to power the OpenCT platform, the block production rate works at an exceptionally fast rate of 100,000 Transactions Per Second (TPS).

In addition to launching the OpenCT platform, the company is also introducing two inaugural applications that work to address significant telco service pain points:

  • Blockchain as a Transport (BaaT): BaaT is a leading network technology that is well-positioned to become the transport service of choice for all businesses because of its highly secure and cost-effective ability to leverage the Internet by breaking down barriers that have limited popular services to a single data center, a single autonomous system, or a single carrier.
  • Blockchain-Defined Wide Area Networks (BD-WAN): BD-WAN will have the unique ability to establish and tear-down logical and physical circuits of any capacity, seamlessly and transparently, thereby enabling real-time billing based solely on bandwidth usage.

“Throughout the world, data transmission, digital communication and the transferring of data from point A to point B are key functions and the lifeline that gives most, if not all, businesses and industries the ability to prosper and exist,” comments Mayande Walker, Chief Operating Officer of OpenCT. “OpenCT will provide a new process, innovate conveyance and offer an effective solution to those who have challenges with costly connectivity giving the entire telco community an option for secure, peer-to-peer financial transactions without the use of any third party or financial institutions.”

OpenCT is taking blockchain to new heights, ensuring the adoption of this industry disrupting solution is fully supportive of service providers, enterprises and carriers alike.

For more information on OpenCT, please visit Interested in investing? Click here for more information on our pre-sale, taking place Friday, 23 February.

About OpenCT

OpenCryptoTrust (OpenCT) and it’s “killer applications” are the brainchild of Seshaat Technology Solutions – a New York based ETO (Emerging Technology Organization). OpenCT is a robust, high performance, hybrid blockchain-based platform that enables innovative solutions in telecommunications. OpenCT provides a development environment for solving longstanding technical problems within the telecommunications industry, and will remove significant cost impacting inefficiencies in the traditional telco model that exist today.

The OpenCT platform is based on a hybrid blockchain. It is both public and private, allowing a diverse range of adoption, users, and clients.

For OpenCT media inquiries, please contact:

Jaymie Scotto & Associates (JSA)

Mayande Walker, COO of OpenCT, Joins CEO Money iHeartRADIO Podcast to Discuss Blockchain in Telecom

Join Us on March 9th for a Q&A on OpenCT: Blockchain for Telecommunications

Blockchain startup OpenCryptoTrust Signs Deal with NJFX, Tier 3 Carrier Neutral Cable Landing Station Campus

ZUG, SWITZERLAND, November 12, 2018

OpenCryptoTrust (OpenCT) has announced a five-year commitment at NJFX, the only CLS colocation campus in the U.S. offering Tier 3, carrier neutral data center capabilities, to support its blockchain-based telco infrastructure in the domestic and international markets.

This positions OpenCT as one of the first blockchain players within the world of telco and places them in direct line with prestigious NJFX’s customers. As a highly interconnected hub, NJFX is an ideal location for firms to leverage OpenCryptoTrust solutions.

“NJFX represents one of the most significant cable landing systems with worldwide access, to ever cross the Atlantic,” comments Mayande Walker, CEO for OpenCT. “We are proud to be a part of the NJFX CLS colocation campus that will further our goal to make New Jersey one of our main strategic access points in the U.S. blockchain ecosystem and will serve as a major interconnection for global communications.”

“Global interconnection is exactly what NJFX provides as the first and only cable landing station colocation campus in the United States,” states Roy Hilliard, VP of Business Development for NJFX. “NJFX sees the partnership as a logical extension to the NJFX hub of services that our service provider clients provide and that enterprises are looking for as a way to efficiently and securely enable critical applications.”

OpenCT has achieved a solution which telco industry analysts have described as "the Holy Grail application/service for carrier services" – real-time bandwidth usage billing. This is facilitated thru two ground-breaking functions (predictive real time provisioning and smart contracts) that ultimately support enterprise bandwidth-on-demand. In addition, customers will be able to dynamically scale up or ‘burst’ connectivity during times of peak demand. Enterprise customers have never had the ability to pay for actual bandwidth usage – this innovation means no more inefficient long-term leases.

OpenCT is using blockchain technology in an entirely new way to support modern telecommunication services. They have modified the blockchain protocol itself to support ultra-secure data transport – and superior management overlay. Through smart contracts (on their own hybrid blockchain) there is the ability for strategic carrier partners to offer their large-scale enterprise customers a new way to pay for bandwidth.

Through advanced optical switches that monitor application traffic requirements, OpenCT can use predictive measures to establish and tear down Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM) lambdas against transatlantic/transpacific circuits (in fact all optical-based circuits) – supporting near real time provisioning and decommissioning, especially the high costs incurred due to expensive transoceanic links.

Notes to the Editor

NJFX (New Jersey Fiber Exchange) owns and operates a 64,800 square foot purpose-built Tier 3 CLS Colocation facility and 58-acre campus in Wall, NJ. This unique campus is supported by several route-independent carriers that offer direct access to multiple independent subsea cable systems interconnecting North America, Europe, South America and the Caribbean. High and low-density colocation solutions are available with 24/7 support. NJFX, along with its carrier ecosystem, provide a marketplace offering flexibility, reliability and security that global carriers, content providers, and enterprise/government entities utilize to drive network reliability, while reducing expenses. Located at the United States’ easternmost edge, the NJFX CLS supports diverse connectivity options and offers direct interconnection at the Cable Landing Station without recurring cross-connect fees.

OpenCryptoTrust (OpenCT) is a robust, high performance, hybrid blockchain that enables innovative solutions. OpenCT is challenging the current characterization and standardization of the functions within the telecommunications industry.

OpenCT has modified the blockchain protocol itself to support ultra-secure data transport – and superior management overlay. It has also developed two ‘killer applications’ that solve immediate problems and offer significant cost savings for telco carrier enterprise customers.

BaaT (Blockchain-as-a-Transport) transforms the use of the public internet for inexpensive, secure, enterprise-grade, data communications at significant cost reduction from private circuits.

BD-WAN (Blockchain Defined Wide Area Networking) modernizes existing pricing strategies for bandwidth – supporting ‘bandwidth on demand’ for private optical-based circuits - the ability to charge customers for the bandwidth they use. Additionally, this product is superior to existing SD-WAN solutions – in terms of security, MPLS and/or cloud routing and interoperability.


OpenCryptoTrust Announces the Appointment of New Managing Director
Arnur Amirgaliyev to focus on Capital Development for OpenCT

ZUG, SWITZERLAND, September 20, 2018 - OpenCryptoTrust (OpenCT), a high performance, hybrid blockchain-based platform that enables innovative solutions in telecommunications, has announced the appointment of Arnur Amirgaliyev as Managing Director, with a focus on Capital Investment for OpenCT and International Business Development for Seshaat.

Arnur is an entrepreneur, blockchain investor & advisor based in Astana, Kazakhstan. He comes to OpenCT with a wealth of experience, a vast network, and long-standing relationships within blockchain, finance, and law. Currently, he is an advisor to numerous large enterprises in Kazakhstan that are developing blockchain based business, crypto investment funds, and large-scale blockchain mining operations. “I couldn’t be more excited and proud to become a member of the OpenCT team as we work to revolutionize the telco industry with our Killer Apps and breakthrough blockchain technologies,” declares Arnur Amirgaliyev.
From a global perspective, Arnur is well-versed in the current trends of blockchain investment and this is due in no small part to his training and professional experience which includes:
  • Representative of AIFC (Astana International Financial Center) in New York
  • Partner for Huapion Sourcing (Private Equity)
  • Managing Director for Whitestone Advisors (Investment advisory boutique)
  • Partner Linkage & Mind (International Law Firm)
  • Masters (MSc) in Investment Banking & Securities from London School of Business & Finance
  • Bachelor of Law (LL.B.) focused on International Law and Legal Studies from Kazakh State Law University
“We are thrilled to be welcoming Arnur to the OpenCryptoTrust and Seshaat teams,” states Mayande Walker, CEO of OpenCryptoTrust. “The vast experience and depth of knowledge that he brings with him cannot be overstated. Arnur will play a major role in finalizing some major global telco partnerships that are currently underway and begin the exciting journey of monetizing the OpenCT applications and technologies.”

Those interested in learning more about OpenCT or its private sale are invited to visit

For OpenCT media inquiries, please contact:

Jaymie Scotto & Associates (JSA)

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